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   I went to a funeral today. Recently I read a book entitled Living Forward.  And I have just spent an hour looking through my stacks of books to write a quote from it.  Apparently I am not living forward enough … Continue reading

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The 5 stages of A Snow Day

By now you have heard the news that, once again, school has been cancelled. Though I don’t have kids at home anymore, I feel your pain. Please know, my thoughts and prayers are with you.   I thought it might … Continue reading

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And Then There Were None

As of today, March 25th, I will have raised three boys into adulthood. Well, numerically and legally anyway. I’m still doing research on my theory that all males are really just 12 year old boys in a body that continues … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Squirrels and Other Parenting Styles

It’s not everyday you see a baby squirrel literally fall out of the sky onto a deck right in front of you. And then a second. And apparently a third hit the roof, as evidenced by the little twitchy tail … Continue reading

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It Would Be Easier If It Were Cancer – My Messy Beautiful

  I don’t wish my child had cancer. It’s just that tonight it feels like it would be easier if he did. If it were cancer I don’t think I would be feeling angry with him that he is asleep … Continue reading

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Welcome to the real world, Son

It’s your first day of officially being in the real world. And I was thinking, I may have forgotten to mention a few things to you over these last 22 years and I just want to be sure you hear … Continue reading

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I’m a little sad. Skyrim was released today. To you mortals that means my endless authority and supreme power has ended. Mom’s of young children have so much they can use to bribe, I mean encourage, their children to be … Continue reading

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