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Now Who Am I Going To Joke With?

  In an effort to focus on the positive now that I am alone in a big,(well, it feels big when I clean it, but really it is just an average house. I don’t want to lose any sympathy points … Continue reading

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   I went to a funeral today. Recently I read a book entitled Living Forward.  And I have just spent an hour looking through my stacks of books to write a quote from it.  Apparently I am not living forward enough … Continue reading

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The 5 stages of A Snow Day

By now you have heard the news that, once again, school has been cancelled. Though I don’t have kids at home anymore, I feel your pain. Please know, my thoughts and prayers are with you.   I thought it might … Continue reading

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And Then There Were None

As of today, March 25th, I will have raised three boys into adulthood. Well, numerically and legally anyway. I’m still doing research on my theory that all males are really just 12 year old boys in a body that continues … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Fatherless

It’s everywhere. Every Facebook post is a tribute to an amazing dad. I can’t read anymore.  I turn on the news and the roundtable is  taking  turns sharing what their dad taught them and how it led to their success. … Continue reading

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How to recapture your youth…

First it was the request from Carter for Legos. Next, Cameron asked where the old hot wheels tracks were. (same place all the old Legos were…at the home where age appropriate children could play with them.) Today I woke up … Continue reading

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Life Is Not A Snapshot Part II

My hips hurt, but my heart is happy.  I chose the fashionable boots over the grey orthopedic shoes I should have worn to prevent the searing pain I am experiencing in my hips and knees after walking for days in … Continue reading

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