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  Let me start by saying that the only things I have successfully kept alive are my three children. You may have heard that I guilted myself into getting two cats for my youngest.  I am truly afraid that when … Continue reading

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What I Want You To Know About Living With An Alcoholic

I have read several excellent pieces in regards to addiction in the recent aftermath of  Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. And while they are all well written and give  a real and terrifying glimpse into the mind of addiction, I can’t … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Fatherless

It’s everywhere. Every Facebook post is a tribute to an amazing dad. I can’t read anymore.  I turn on the news and the roundtable is  taking  turns sharing what their dad taught them and how it led to their success. … Continue reading

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Ted Williams and the Prodigal Son’s Brother

I am happy for Ted Williams; really I am. It’s a modern day prodigal son story.  I am just having a hard time with the making him a celebrity part.  I can’t help but look at this story from the … Continue reading

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Steven Slater Is Not My Hero

I get it. Believe me. All we really want is an apology. Some validation that, yes, indeed we were wronged.  All anyone wants is for  the person that hurt us to genuinely feel bad about it and tell us how … Continue reading

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Codependent at Starbucks

So I am at Starbucks the other day and as I am ordering my non fat, 2 and half pump, no whip, extra hot, mocha…(what? If its OK for Meg Ryan  to be specific, so can I. )  when I lightly … Continue reading

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