The Pose

The tennis courts are resurfaced and the only thing that doesn’t feel the pain are my fingers, Carter built himself a computer so I have access to my laptop for the first time in months, my house is clean, and it is raining. So what is a girl to do? Blog of course. And I want to tackle a very serious issue. “The Pose”. It is prom season. And, you know what that means. Your Facebook will be flooded with endless pictures of adorable young women in beautiful dresses doing “The Pose”. You know the one; where their skinny arm is gingerly placed on their jutted hip, shoulder slightly turned out to get just the right angle. Someone please explain “The Pose” to me. When did it start? How did it start? Who decided that is how you take a picture? Are there classes to learn how to do the pose? Those are all questions I have as I look at all the fresh faced beautiful girls and think…”I never looked like that at my prom” There is one question I know the answer to: Why middle age, menopausal women do NOT do “the pose”. For those of you who may not know I will tell you. First, I learned a long time ago never to put my arm out away from the support of the rest of my body and let my arm jiggle freely. God forbid a gust of wind come and send my gravity abused arm flab undulating. Second, the last time I was able to move my hip that far out without searing pain was 1990, the year before I started birthing 10lb babies and carrying them on my hip for the next 10 years. Now in regards to the slight turn these young women make to get just the right angle of their perky breast and flat stomachs. Do I really need to spell out the ravages of gravity and menopause that would be revealed if I were to slightly turn at just the right angle? Why would I want to draw attention to my “menopot”(that ever increasing mid section) or the fact that my breasts are moving closer to my belly button as we speak. Maybe I will come up with a pose just for us 40-50 somethings. Never mind, now that I think about it, there already is one. The fetal position. Happy Prom kids enjoy “The Pose” while you still can!


About splitpease

I am a mom of three teenage boys who used to be a teacher, who became a personal trainer, who had to sell my share of a personal training studio, who had to take a job running a swim and racquet club, who hopes to one day be able to do what I love and still keep a roof over my head.
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