My Knight in Shining Armor

It never happens as you imagine it. But, my knight in shining armor arrived today!  I always dreamed he would gallop over the hill on a white horse, sweep me off my feet, and rescue me from all my trials and tribulations.  Turns out he drove up in a white van;  Arnie’s  Custom Tile painted in large letters across the side.  Not exactly a white steed, but I’ll take it.  Arnie was the one that informed me he couldn’t in good conscience finish the job that Carter and I started.  He was the bearer of the news that I would have to take up all the tile and start over. It may have been the tears and the pitiful look of defeat on my face, but thankfully he was moved to help me.  (Actually, it was his faith that motivated him to rescue me) Here’s the amazing part.  He was offering to rescue me at no charge.  I take that back… is the really amazing thing;  he kept his word.  Part of the reason I was in this mess to begin with (besides being seriously deluded that we could do the job ourselves) was the handful of  handyman that didn’t show when they said they would, and didn’t do what they said they were going to do.  So, Arnie has renewed my faith in humanity; by his charity and even more so, by keeping his word.  The best part of this whole drama….unbeknown-st to Arnie, he has taught my boys several really important life lessons….

Lesson #1 A real man keeps his word. Do what you say you are going to do.

Lesson #2 Faith without works is dead.  Arnie could have said “God bless you” and gone onto the next paying job  (and, I wouldn’t have blamed him) but he put his faith into action and lived out the scripture, ” Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:10

Lesson #3 Have integrity in your work.  He could have easily finished the original job that I had hired him to do, ignored the problem,  taken the easy way out, and taken my money.  After all, it wouldn’t have been his problem later when my floor would have crumbled.

The whole reason I started this  home repair project was to teach my boys how to be real men and good future husbands by having them work hard and learn some home repair skills.  Thank goodness Arnie showed up and taught them the real lessons they needed to know to be real men.  So, help me thank Arnie and  call him for any of your future tile needs, you won’t regret it.

P.S.  These lessons in no way negate lesson # 5 in my previous post!





About splitpease

I am a mom of three teenage boys who used to be a teacher, who became a personal trainer, who had to sell my share of a personal training studio, who had to take a job running a swim and racquet club, who hopes to one day be able to do what I love and still keep a roof over my head.
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One Response to My Knight in Shining Armor

  1. Hey, that little Play*Mobile knight lives at our house. 🙂 Glad you finally got your floor finished. Now you can decorate for Christmas. Let your boys learn how to make memories with their family in the decorating process…or maybe do it yourself if they won’t do it right. Either way, it will be beautiful with your new floors! Love you!!

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